As your partner, we are dedicated to the success of your long-term care facility. With over 20 years of leadership experience, we have developed the most advanced and comprehensive solution on the market- the APS, Advanced Pharmacy Solutions, Ecosystem. The APS Ecosystem has been proven to reduce costs, save nursing hours, limit hospital readmissions and maximize your formulary efficiencies. It also increases your capacity to care for more complex patients, which enables you to increase your resident base. Advanced Pharmacy Solutions’ goal is to help you provide your patients with superior care and their families with peace of mind that their loved ones are in the best possible hands. Using the APS Ecosystem you can guarantee the highest level of medication accuracy- 99.9998%. Furthermore, since all of the medications are available on-site, you are best equipped to handle emergency situations. The systems are very easy to use and operate, and allow the nurses to access medications in only 4 clicks. The APS Ecosystem is remotely monitored 24/7 and your staff can access our clinical, service or technical support at all times.



APS technology allows you to position your organization for growth by increasing your capacity to take more complex patients.
APS offers you the ability to reduce costs, save nursing hours, reduce hospital readmissions and maximize your formulary efficiencies.


APS eliminates drug waste by only charging For what Is dispensed to the patient per medication pass.


APS Saves nursing hours per month in medication distribution. These hours can be redeployed to use where it will impact care the most.


APS provides per patient per day formulary savings. APS contains 250 carefully, selected, clinically and cost appropriate medications. Our Therapeutics Committee will provide your Clinical Team comparative costs and clinical efficacy documentation to aid in the adoption of the formulary.


APS facilities have lower readmission rates than their peers. APS users are able to properly care for more patients with medically complex conditions due to having medications on-site. Access to medications quickly when there are order changes or new orders allows your care team to ensure a patient never misses a dose and their care in not compromised due to pharmacy issues.



The APS 250 uses proprietary technology which provides the highest level of medication accuracy. Since the system is fully automated, the human error factor is eliminated, and the medical accuracy level is significantly higher than traditional pharmacy services.

The user interface of the APS systems is intuitive and easy to use. In only four clicks, nurses can access the medication totes and the PRN (as needed) medications. It is as simple to use as a smart phone.

Advanced Pharmacy Solutions provides 24/7 support for the APS Ecosystem. The devices are continuously electronically and visually monitored, and your staff can contact our pharmaceutical experts for clinical advice. Our software specialists and technicians are also continuously available to ensure the maximum performance of the system.

In order to safeguard from possible disaster scenarios such as natural disasters that may hinder the regular supply of medications, you can choose to pre-pack all medications up to a week in advance.